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18 May 2020.

The other new findings from Donjon focus on the Coldcard Mk2 wallet. The attack would be difficult for a hacker to carry out, because Coldcard.

A mysterious cyberhacking group called "Robin Hood Hackers" is mysteriously donating their stolen money to charities. But why? The Darkside hackers, which.

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7 Jul 2020.

The attack, which they describe in their new paper, “Flood & Loot: A.

But Lightning is still tied to the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Hacker Tools.

16 Jul 2020.

New York (CNN Business) Wednesday night's Twitter hack was not a good look for Bitcoin. Hackers took over accounts belonging to such.

Ben Goertzel reflects on decisions made following the $150M KuCoin exploit – and why hard forking SingularityNET wasn’t the.

19 Jul 2020.

Hackers made the A-listers' accounts solicit bitcoin contributions.

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Four years ago, three Dutch hackers gained access to Donald Trump’s Twitter account. This week one of them managed to gain.

18 Jul 2020.

With this, an estimated $120,000 worth of bitcoins were stolen by hackers, according to Business Insider. Twitter's staff immediately took action.