So, which is correct: canceled or cancelled? Well, both are! Canceled is typically preferred in American English while cancelled is the standard in British English.

Canceled or cancelled: Canceled and cancelled are both past tenses of the verb cancel. To cancel is to annul or invalidate; to decide or announce that planned or .

UK holidaymakers who have been keeping tabs on imminent air bridge announcements – and had hoped this meant their trips to.

Brits across the country have taken to Twitter to share pictures of how they are recreating Glastonbury in their garden,

Kiana Ledé - Cancelled. (Lyric Video)Hello,A new potential client has asked me to invoice him in advance for his 05/04/20 accounts as he will be cancelling his VAT Regustration from 30/06.

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If you want to write the past tense version of the verb "cancel," is "cancelled" or " canceled" the correct spelling? In the canceled versus cancelled debate, there's.

A clean up is underway after rubbish was left strewn across Midsummer Common in Cambridge. It comes after revellers gathered.