Dhl Extortionist Demands €10 Million In Bitcoin

9 Dec 2017.

In real life, ransomware demands are significantly lower, and it's rare for.

Attached to the DHL delivery was a ransom note and a QR code for the.

In real life, no one ever pays a €10 million ransom – in bitcoin or any other currency.

Mining Rigs: Miners Discuss Illegal Confiscation, Police Extortion.

3 May 2017.

In the first round of extortion, the perpetrators said that their demands.

are between 3 and 10 Bitcoin (about €4,000 to €13,000 as of May 2,

3 Dec 2017.

U.S. 10 Yr-1/32 Yieldwith a0.634%▽.

The note didn't demand payment in euros , the spokesman said.

A DHL spokesman declined to comment on the bomb.

on revenues of more than €57 billion euros ($67.62 million) last year.

a ransom is paid, have asked for payment in digital currency bitcoin.

4 Apr 2018.

Police say DHL blackmailer has struck again after parcel bomb found in Berlin.

on the blackmailer, who has demanded €10 million worth of bitcoins.

to the DHL extortionist or extortionists," a Potsdam police spokesman told.

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