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User Activated Soft Fork Split Protection

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discuss potentially arising security implications. 1 Introduction.

which can incur a permanent split of the blockchain, as they permit or even enforce the creation of.

The concept of user activated soft forks (UASF) was recently proposed as a.

User Activated Soft Fork Explained [UASF/BIP148] (Litecoin/Bitcoin)8 Jul 2017.

A proposed user-activated soft fork (UASF) is an attempt to nudge the Bitcoin.

and it could therefore lead Bitcoin to split into two independent coins.

to the potential fork in August, experts are advising users to protect their.

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12 Jun 2017.

MASF (miner activated soft fork) debate on scaling.

stated that if the chain splits , “we'll implement a process where users can withdraw their coins.

If the split occurs safely, then replay protection for the withdrawals will exist.