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Bitcoindark Fork

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KMD was formerly known as Bitcoin Dark (BTCD), a privacy focussed variant of the.

Komodo is based on Bitcoin and its fork Zcash, but introduced the delayed .

Komodo is a Zcash fork that adds the dPoW consensus on top of it and integrates.

For more info see this infographic and PAX FAQ on bitcoindark's website.

What is a Bitcoin hard fork? Simply Explained!.

fork del Bitcoin chiamato prima Novacoin. La Blockchain di Bitcoindark utilizza, migliorandole, le caratteristiche del Bitcoin. Tra queste caratteristiche, la prima.

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In the beginning, in 2014, the cryptocurrency was known as Xcoin, and it was a hard fork of the bitcoin protocol, Bitcoin Dark. However, soon, this altcoin got.