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Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin

17 Nov 2019.

The Bitcoin Revolution scam software and fake trading software is now using top British Chef and Celebrity Gordon Ramsay to promote an.

This Morning - Bitcoin Revolution Scam Alert!!!The Bitcoin Trader is not recommended by Gordon Ramsay, the news are all rumors. Bitcoin Trader claims to make life easier for all those who wish to make profit.

13 Jan 2020.

There's no other way to say it, Crypto Revolt is a scam and Gordon Ramsay has nothing to do with this fraudulent software. In fact, we are sure.

The latest Tweets from Crypto Gordon Ramsay (@__Gordon_Ramsay). Don't f* cking talking to me about anything other then Crypto and food of course! Yes.

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1 Mar 2020.

Hugh Jackman, Gordon Ramsay and Martin Lewis.

But the investments in bitcoin, commodities and foreign currencies all appear to be fake,