Vladimir Barkasov


Crazy Day of Engineer Barkasov is a 1983 Soviet comedy feature film, directed by Nikolai.

as Kobylin; Georgy Millyar as neighbor; Alexander Lazarev as doctor; Vladimir Grammatikov as radio center director; Boris Novikov as stoker.

12 aug. 2019.

5, 4:01:37 h, Bystrov, Vladimir (Быстров Владимир), *Mulino, RUS.

57, 4:57:13 h, Barkasov, Stepan (Barkasov Stepan), *Moscow, RUS.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Grammatikov is a Russian and Soviet theater and film actor, director,

The Sixth (1981) as Pavlik; Crazy Day of Engineer Barkasov ( 1983) as radio center director; The Russian Singer (1993) as Nikolai Kleiman.


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M. Barkasov, Project Manager of RVC, Executive Secretary of the Working Group. 4.

Gold medal was awarded to another Nizhny Novgorod student – Vladimir.

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1 Aug 2017.

STUK rector, Vladimir Volkogon, and MariNet Working Group manager of NTI project office, Maxim Barkasov, welcomed audience as well.